How it works

Mobile App for Visitors

🔸 Visitors are scanning QR-code at the place or choosing needed service remotely to take the queue.

🔸 They can see in their phone: quantity of people in front of them, approximate waiting time, approximate serving time, their status.

🔸 They are getting notifications via Push, which means that Visitor can come up to be served/let inside.

It’s free for visitors. One App for all of the places, which work with tailix.

Dashboard for Organisation

🔸 Users see all of the visitors of the queue.

🔸 They can redistribute visitors between the windows, move them backwards within the queue, remove or add those, who don’t have an App manually, by phone number.

🔸 They are inviting visitors by sending Push or SMS.

🔸 Analytical reports with different kinds of data can be extracted.

No implementation or setup is needed. Access to the whole functionality via Web-Interface from any device after subscription to the tailix.

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Who Our Clients Are

Key Features


First 3 months

  • Unlimited queues
  • Unlimited visitors

Small enterprise

  • Up to 10 queues
  • Up to 100 visitors

Medium enterprise

  • Up to 50 queues
  • Up to 500 users

Large enterprise

  • Unlimited queues
  • Unlimited Visitors